Love Interests, Vol. 1

Sometimes it happens while I'm looking for a specific product at work. Other times it's when I'm searching furiously for something I need for my own house. But I am always, always falling hard for products for which I have absolutely no use.  It's like coming across the perfect catch of a bachelor when you're just not in the market for a mate. 

So I'm just going to start playing matchmaker, and putting these beauties on display so other, more eligible people can fall in love. Today's lineup? Chairs and stools. Let's have a look.

Bachelor #1: The Handsome Buck

I mean, those legs. They make me knock-kneed—just like him.
Clara Bar Stool by Noir.

Bachelor #2: The Modern Artist

An old soul with an updated edge, this guy is a twist on a classic Michael Thonet-designed bentwood chair. That ombre finish melts me. There's also a version with the ombre in reverse.
No. 89 Le Corbusier chair, Thonet Australia

Bachelor #3: The Knight in Shining Armor

This fella has seriously regal style, but it's softened by the limed wood finish. The detail-on-detail is a little showy, but he's fun to look at, so why not? 
Shuksan stool, Wayfair.

Who's ready for a date?