Featured! My Homekeeping Tips on Glamour.com

As my husband will tell you, I have a pretty sensitive schnoz. If there's even a hint of mildew in a hotel bathtub, I'll smell it; if I'm on the bus next to someone who's left their laundry in the washer a few hours too long, I'll know. It's a curse. 

So when the folks at Glamour.com pinged me a few weeks ago asking me what household items I thought people don't clean often enough, of course I had a few things to say. My shortlist: Throw pillows, window treatments, and (my personal peeve) shower curtain liners.

Source:  Glamour

Source: Glamour

Here's a blurb:

In a bathroom that's used daily by multiple people, fabric shower curtains should be washed monthly to keep mildew from forming, and the liner should we washed every week or two. Garlough shares her tips on washing those tricky liners: "To clean plastic liners, spray them down with a diluted vinegar solution, let it sit, and then rinse. Fabric liners should be machine-washed (with bleach if they're white, oxygen bleach if they're not) and dried in the dryer. If a mildew smell does develop, fabric liners can usually be salvaged with an extra-hot wash cycle; plastic ones should be replaced."

You can read the full story by clicking here. Of course, the guidelines and timelines I provided are skewed for a rented flat that several fashionable young Glamour readers share, and might not apply to everyone. If your guest room rarely gets used, or if your curtained shower stays dry while you take your daily soak in a deep tub (you lucky bastard), these  timelines can be stretched out.  


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