Home Office Makeover!

Since I’m on the topic of long-overdue updates, let’s talk about my husband’s office, shall we? The last time I mentioned it, I was on a quest to replace the World’s Ugliest Office Chair, which I did.

But then the room pretty much sat untouched, continuing to accumulate boxes of paperwork, miscellaneous décor pieces from other rooms of the house, and packaging material (he now runs his own wine company, the Upper Glass, from home). I needed an excuse to spruce it up—to get it a little closer to the handsome yet eclectic den that it will someday be.

That excuse came in December, when in the course of my day job as a content creator for Wayfair brands, the team was looking for an office to make over as part of a “small spaces” series. I pounced. You can head over to Wayfair to read about the project in detail, but here’s a sneak peek of what we did.

All images credit  Allison Sepanek  for Wayfair.com.

All images credit Allison Sepanek for Wayfair.com.


My favorite new addition has to be the bamboo-inspired etageres. They’re navy, which is hard to see at a glance, and the high-gloss finish gives them some oomph.


While I won’t call this room finished yet—I really do want to add some handsome wood wall detailing, add some concealed storage, and replace the overhead light fixture—it’s definitely looking more put-together than ever before. Click through to see the other half of the office, and let me know what you think!